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Team Building

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Build Unity
Increase Effectiveness Lower the Drama

An activity designed to teach your staff practical mental resilience tools and then immediately put them to the test as they try to escape one of our award winning rooms.

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Strengthen Culture

Our Mental Resilience Escape Experiences are great for business and workplaces that want to increase the mental and emotional strength of their staff.

A professionally certified coach runs the trainings. Your staff will learn skills and strategies based on cognitive behavioral therapy that will include how to:

  • Maintain a growth mindset

  • Process emotions like stress and anxiety

  • Identify and remove negative thoughts

  • Self-motivate and stop procrastination


Mental Resilience Escape Experiences for staff can be booked Monday through Friday between 9am and 10pm.

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Team Building


per team

  • One 1-Hour escape game

  • 45 minutes of interactive mental resilience training before the game

  • 15 minutes debrief after the game

  • minimum 8 to maximum 24 staff 

  • Larger groups will be split into multiple escape rooms

  • Rooms assigned based on availability

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Important Information

For the escape game, groups of more than 12 will be divided into groups to play different escape rooms. Escape rooms will be chosen based on availability.

If you have more than 24 staff, you must book two packages on separate days.

Escapes in Time welcomes companies and business of all backgrounds!

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