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Stolen Heart of Camelot

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1150 A.D.

The evil witch Morgana has stolen the Golden Heart of Camelot, ridding  the realm of love and goodwill. Couples are bickering and friends are fighting. We need your help to restore love to the kingdom!


Due to Morgana’s curse, your group will start this escape room divided and must start in different parts of the castle. Can you still work together to find the Golden Heart and save love for all of Camelot?

Use code SAVELOVE to get 20% off your booking. Offer ends Feb 28, 2023. Must book 4 or more tickets.

Note: Do not book if you've played Lancelot's Legacy in the recent past.

Difficulty: 4/5

Capacity: 4-8

The Stolen Heart of Camelot
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