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Special Deals and Discounts

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Valentine's Deal

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Are you planning on taking your special someone out on a double or group date for Valentine's Day? Or are you ​and your friends rebelling against the made up holiday pushed by the candy companies?

Either way, we got you covered.

At Escapes in Time, you can celebrate love with 20% off tickets to our Valentine's themed escape room, The Stolen Heart of Camelot! We've decorated our Lancelot's Legacy room and changed the story behind it to be a valiant quest to save love. 

Or, you can celebrate Single Awareness or Gal-entine's Day with a group of your friends and get 20% off tickets to our Pandora's Parlour escape room! See if you and your friends with the extra brain power you have by NOT being in a relationship can save the world from the demons inside Pandora's Box.

Couples or singles? For love or against it at the moment? Which code will be used the most this month?

We're not saying it's a competition... but, we do love a good showdown.

Valentine Escape Room Utah County.png
VALENTINE ESCAPE ROOM! Can you release the Golden Heart of Camelot from the evil witch Morgana's grasp and restore love to the realm??

*Do not play if you have recently played Lancelot's Legacy.
Halloween Escape Room Utah Pandora's Parlour.png
Pandora's box has been opened. Return the 5 demons that have escaped and save the world from a fate worse than death!
For large group discounts call 801.616.3066

Full Room Discounts

Santa Room

14 Adults for $21/each.  Code SANTAROOM

Moriarty’s Mishaps

12 Adults for $22/each. Code MORROOM

Hoarder’s & Pandora’s

10 Adults for $23/each. Code HOPAROOM

Lancelot & OK Corral

8 Adults for $24/each. Code LANJAILROOM

Discount code only valid when you book all Adult tickets for the room.

Military Personnel and Students 20% Off

Military, veterans, or students get 20% off their adult ticket.


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