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Here are the current leaders for each bracket! The "Official Time" is a calculations of the time a team finished in plus any hints they took. Also, no group has registered for Pandora's yet, so it's wide open!!

Are you the smartest group in all the land? Or at least the most fun? Put your skills to the test during our First Annual Escape Madness Competition!


Any group that plays one of the five eligible escape rooms between March 1st and April 6th, 2023 will have the option to register at check in for the competition at no extra cost.

The five rooms are Lancelot's Legacy, Jailbreak at the OK Corral, Crazy Hoarder's Attic, Santa's Been Kidnapped and Pandora's Parlour.

Eligible Rooms

Santa Christmas Best Escape Room Utah Family Friendly.png

The group that finishes with the best time in each room during the preliminary round will compete in the final round.

Final Round

The final round will take place April 8th through April 27th, 2024. Finalists will be invited back to play Moriarty's Mishaps, for free. The group with the best time will win the title of Escape Madness Champion 2024!

What Do We Win?

The Group that wins the title of the Escape Madness Champion 2024 will win a trophy, free Escapes in Time Swag, and their group picture in the place of honor in our lobby! And of course, bragging rights.

Terms and Conditions

  • Groups will need to choose a team name

  • Everyone in the group will have to consent to having their picture taken and posted on our social media, email, and lobby

  • If you make it to the final round, the same people who played the first time must play again. You will be allowed one substitution due to extenuating circumstances.

  • Finalists must play the final room between April 8th and April 27th. If your group does not play in that time, you will be disqualified.

  • Any clues or hints taken during game play will add 2 minutes to your final time.

  • Our Game Masters have full discretion on what counts as a helpful clue or a hint during your game.

  • Groups of any size or age can compete.

  • All groups, no matter the number of players or their ages, will be counted as a team equal to the other teams.

  • You must register upon arrival to our escape room and before you leave to be eligible to compete.

  • We encourage groups to play rooms they have not played before to make it more fun and competitive. If you have already played Moriarty's Mishaps, which will be the final room in the competition, we encourage you to get a group together who has not played it and not to give anything away. Our Game Masters have the right to disqualify any group if it looks like they have recently played the room and their knowledge of the puzzles is eliminating the competitive nature of the competition. We want things to be fun and fair!

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