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The Lost Presents

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Orem, Utah


For YEARS Grandpa has been hiding Christmas presents in the attic and forgetting they were there (and all this time you thought Grandpa was a Scrooge!). Rumor has it there are hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars worth of presents somewhere in the attic. They'll be hard to find because not only is Grandpa forgetful, but he's also a notorious hoarder. To make matters worse, Grandpa went looking for the presents days ago and hasn't returned! Can you find the lost presents (and Grandpa, too) before Christmas Eve?

Difficulty: 3/5

Capacity: 4-10


*This is the same puzzle as our Crazy Hoarder's Attic Room. Do NOT book if you have already solved that room. Located on the 2nd floor & requires climbing a flight of stairs.

Open November 22nd through January 6th, 2024

The Lost Presents
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